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Only a ride train away from Nara, Osaka or Kobe in central Japan - and a few hours away by high-speed bullet train Shinkansen from Hiroshima, Nagoya or Tokyo... Kyoto is ideally situated for a long stay in Japan. But traveling around with all your luggage, planning everything in advance can be a grueling task and much time can be lost in packing and repacking. So why not make JIJUDEN Kyoto Luxury Long Stay your home away from home in Japan, the place where you can safely leave all unnecessary luggage for your short trips, the place where you know you can return to at any time and find the space and time to relax and recharge your batteries?

JIJUDEN offers you luxurious apartments that you can rent on a one-month basis, at a price of half the equivalent period if you stay in normal hotels. What is more, you can leave your apartment for any period of time with all your belongings in it with peace of mind in the knowledge that no one will use or even enter your rooms while you are away - after all, it is your home for the whole period of your contract, and on top of that all the premises are under security 24 hours a day. You could even use JIJUDEN as your anchor place in Kyoto and still choose to experience staying in more traditional style ryokan (Japanese inns) for a night or two at a time in the Old Capital, while moving with the carefree attitude of not a tourist but of a Kyoto resident.

Especially during the high season of spring and autumn, and during the summer festivals, when not only people from abroad but many Japanese sojourn in Kyoto, booking a room, or even reserving a table at a restaurant, can be a near impossible task to do from abroad - but staying in JIJUDEN will enable to you jump in on the occasion when there is a cancellation somewhere, or to rest assured that if it does not happen, you can still enjoy the comfort and luxury of a first class hotel while staying at the home that is your fully furnished apartment at JIJUDEN.

Whatever the length of your stay, whatever your plans for the stay, we are certain that JIJUDEN can provide you with the convenience and flexibility that you are looking for, and that our extended stay serviced apartments will meet all your needs, whether they be of comfort, space, luxury, security, or of simply having a home which you own for just the time that you need to.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries you may have, it will be our pleasure to respond immediately with the answers you are seeking.

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