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Rental Period
Rental Fee
How many can be accommodated in the room?

The capacity of each room is for 2 adults.

* Each room has 2 full size beds. (48" wide x 79" long each)
* No extra bed can be added.
* Children under 3 years are not allowed to stay. Children over 12 years are counted as adults.
* Up to 2 children aged 3-12 can accompany adults by using the existing beds.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

We can accept children of over 3 years, because not to make a trouble with neighbors and room equipment; such as night-time crying and bed-wetting. Thank you for your understanding.

Can pets stay with me?

Keeping pets is not permitted regardless of the kind.

Can I smoke?

You can smoke only on the veranda/balcony outside the room. Smoking inside the room is against the agreement. If you burn a hole in the carpet, the agreement will be cancelled. You will be charged with the cost of restoring the room to its original state including deodorizing.

Can the applicant be different from the resident?

The applicant and the resident must be identical in principle. If the lessee will be different from the resident for unavoidable reasons, please be sure to notify us in advance.

Can I use the room for shooting movies or taking photos?

No. The purpose of JIJUDEN is limited to the lessee’s living. Shooting for a movie or for promotion videos, using it as an office or a meeting room and for not living is not permitted.

Is a sublease permitted?

Subleasing to a third party is not permitted. The purpose of using the room is limited to the lessee’s living. Also the resident cannot change with any other person during the rental period.

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