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Rental Period
Rental Fee
How can I make a reservation?

Please check ‘Reservation’ in the top menu for the procedure and necessary forms.

How far can I make a reservation in advance?

Reservations may be accepted 6 months ahead through our website.

* Reservation starting table : Jan.>July, Feb.>Aug. Mar.>Sep. Apr.>Oct., May>Nov., June>Dec., and vice versa.
* We will start to accept reservations 6 months in advance; at 0:00 (Japan time) on the 1st of each month.
  Time Zone Converter : http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
* We can not accept reservations of more than 6 months after.
* Please make your reservation through our website. Phone or email is not available for making reservations.
* The rooms which are already occupied with long-term residents will not become available even 6 months ahead.
* Our rental period is up to 6 months. Please refer 'Rental Period' page in FAQ for staying 7 months or more.

Can I preview the rooms?

When you are already in Japan and inform us in advance, we will be able to show you vacant rooms. When all the rooms are already occupied, we cannot show you any rooms however. Please apply for a preview via contact form in the top menu.
[Business hours for preview] Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 17:00.

Can I check in soon after reservation?

After completing your reservation on the website by filling out the necessary form and paying the rent, you can check in. Please check ‘Reservation’ for the necessary form details.

What is the procedure for check in?

Please check ‘Reservation’ in the top menu for the check in procedure.

What is the procedure for check out?

Please return the furniture or supplies to the original state and dispose of any private items you brought with you by the check-out day. After you return your room key, the rental room will be inspected by the lender. Unless there are problems, the procedure will be completed with the telephone bill taken care of. If the room and/or supplies are found to have been damaged or lost, you will be charged for the compensation.

How do I cancel my reservation?

[Before check-in]
You can make a cancellation request using the ‘Contact’ page in the top menu. You will not be charged with any cancellation fee if it's 90 days prior to the reservation start-date. However, when you cancel less than 90 days before your reservation start-date, you will be charged with cancellation fees. Please refer to the 'Reservation’ page in the top menu regarding our cancellation policy.

[After check-in]
The reservation for three months or less : You can not cancel the reservation.
The reservation for four months or more : You can cancel the reservation by giving notice of cancellation to us by the 4th of two months prior to the leaving month. Even if you give us the notification in the first month, you need to rent/pay at least for three months, and your reservation will be canceled from the 4th month onward. Please note that you need to pay a whole rent for the last month even if you leave at the middle of the month.

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