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Rental Period
Rental Fee
Rental Period
About the rental period.

A unit of period;

Our rental period is fixed in one-month units and your preferred month can be chosen for the lease. In the case of a one-month lease, the contract starts on the 5th of the month and ends on the 4th of the next month (See below).
Please choose the same room for the reservation for two months or more. If you make a reservation including room changing, you have to stay at a hotel at the 4th night.

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
5th Jan.
4th Feb.
5th Feb.
4th Mar.
5th Mar.
4th Apr.
5th Apr.
4th May.
5th May.
4th Jun.
5th Jun.
4th Jul.
5th Jul.
4th Aug.
5th Aug.
4th Sep.
5th Sep.
4th Oct.
5th Oct.
4th Nov.
5th Nov.
4th Dec.
5th Dec.
4th Jan.

What is the shortest/longest period I can rent an apartment for?

Our rental period per agreement(reservation) is one month at the shortest and six months at the longest. It is possible to stay for seven months or more by two or more agreements. For example;
One year stay needs 6 month agreement + 6 month agreement.
8 months stay needs 6 month agreement + 2 month agreement.

When do I check in/out?

You can check-in/out whenever you like during the rental period. However, you have to inform us the date at least one week in advance allowing for check-in/out procedures.

Can I make an agreement for less than a one-month rental period?

During your stay at JIJUDEN you can arrange your stay within the rental period. You cannot make an agreement for less than one month, but it is absolutely possible for you to use the room for less than one month. However the rental fee is not on a pro-rated basis as your room is reserved for the whole month. JIJUDEN sets the rates to allow for various uses.

Is it possible to make an agreement for one and a half months rental period?

It is necessary for you to make a two-month agreement to use the room for one and a half months. For example, when you make a two-month agreement for October and November, you can arrange to stay for one and a half months within these two months.

Is it possible to extend the rental period?

The agreement is completed at the end of the rental period. Depending on the reservation condition, you can continue to use the room after making another agreement.

Is it possible to cancel after check-in?

Please refer to the category 'Reservation/Procedure'.

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