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Rental Period
Rental Fee
Rental Fee
What sorts of expenses are necessary?

Only the rental fee must be paid to use JIJUDEN. Telephone fees which cost you incur during your stay must be paid at check-out.

What costs are included in the rental fee?

These are included in the monthly rental fee.

  • Use for the room and the equipment
  • Utilities and Internet connection fee
  • Confort-Service fee (Bedding rental and housekeeping twice a week)

Room capacities.

  • Standard studio : 1- 2 adults (No Extra bed can be accommodated in the room)
  • Deluxe studio : 1-2 adults (No Extra bed can be accommodated in the room)
  • One bedroom suite : 1-3 adults (A single extra bed can be accommodated in the room for 3 adults)

* Children 12 years old and over are considered adults.
* Up to 2 children under 12 years can accompany adults by using the existing beds.
* Bed size of each room: 2 Double Beds (51"w x 79"l each)

How should I pay the rental fee?

The payment must be made in two installments.

  1. Partial prepayment /
  2. To complete your reservation, you need to pay ¥100,000 via credit card online payment 90 days before the contract start date. When you make a reservation within 90 days before the contract start date, you need to pay it then.
  3. Payment of the remainder/
  4. Please pay the remainder in cash or by credit card at the check-in.
Is the partial prepayment ¥100,000 repaid when I cancel the reservation?

The partial prepayment cannot be repaid even if you cancel the reservation. For more details about cancellation charge, please refer 'Cancellation Policy' on 'Reservation' page in the top menu.

Is the rental fee calculated on a pro-rate basis?

The rental period at JIJUDEN is fixed monthly and you can arrange the length of your stay within one month. Even when you stay less than one month, the rental fee is not calculated on a pro-rate basis, and it is the same for two or more months stay. We hope you understand that our monthly rent is not expensive. We consider the fact that our guests will stay only a part of a whole month, and estimate our monthly rent by reference to the price of one week stay at a high-class hotel in Kyoto.

Is there any additional fee?

It depends on how to you use JIJUDEN that extra fees as follows might be incurred. You will be charged for them in total when you leave.

  • When you make a outside call from the telephone in the room. You will be charged with the call fees.
  • When you use a crib or other rental items. You will be charged with the rental fee.
  • If you use too much electricity (over 800kwh/month), you will be charged extra.
  • When you have JIJUDEN accept and pay for your charge, for example cash on delivery items, you must pay the incurred charge.
  • When you cause a loss or damage to any equipment, you will be charged for the repair or other compensation.
Is using JIJUDEN more economical than using other hotels?

If you stay in a twin room of a first class hotel in Kyoto for a week, it will cost almost as much as one-month rental fee at JIJUDEN. On top of that, the rooms of JIJUDEN may be much more spacious and comfortable than those of hotels. Consider, however, JIJUDEN doesn’t provide you with service equal to other hotels. So you must carefully consider the purpose and style of your stay. Please consider using JIJUDEN in the case of a stay of one week or more in Kyoto.

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