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Rental Period
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JIJUDEN is not a hotel, is it?

No, it is not a hotel, It is a rental apartment house to use for a long term stay with a rental agreement.

What’s the difference from the other hotels for a long stay?

Hotels or residences accommodate you from overnight and some are equipped with restaurants and swimming pools and include daily housekeeping. As for JIJUDEN, the shortest rental period is one month during which you freely arrange your stay.
A one-week stay at a top ranked hotel might cost as much as one-month at JIJUDEN. Compare the quality of our rooms with others. The Rental Fee includes housekeeping twice a week. JIJUDEN can be the best choice if you are looking for a long stay hotel for your Japan trip.

How should we make the best use of JIJUDEN?

When you use JIJUDEN as a base camp during your long stay in Japan, you can enjoy your trip in a different way. Without moving from one hotel to another, you will be able to visit various famous sights by packing lightly, You can also enjoy a more flexible trip as you don’t have to stick to a schedule made in advance. In other cases, JIJUDEN can help you stay long-tem in Kyoto for business or research.

Tell me about the surroundings.

JIJUDEN is located in a safe residential area five minutes walk from Kinkakuji (The temple of the Golden Pavilion). Facing the sightseeing street between Kinkakuji temple and Ryoanji, it stands behind an elementary school which sounds cheerful during the daytime but quiet from evening to early morning. Nearby are three UNESCO World Heritages, Kinkakuji, Ryoanji and Ninnaji, and other famous temples such as Daitokuji and Myoushinnji.

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Japanese stylish serviced apartments for people who like to stay in extended-stay hotels, holiday/vacation rentals and long-term stay accommodations in Kyoto.
Address. 1 Soumon-cho, Kinugasa, Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8363, Japan / Office Hours : Monday - Friday (except holidays), 9 am – 5 pm.
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