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Room Rental Agreement
Room Rental Agreement
(Fixed Term Room Lease Agreement)

The lessee is required to agree to the articles listed below before making a reservation.

Article 1.
About the user

  • The lessee making the application on the web will be the actual resident.
  • The lessee may not be under 20.
  • The lessee have to satisfy the requirements below about age limit and room capacity.
    Age Limit:
    1. Children under 3 years old are not allowed to stay.
    2. Children over 12 years old are counted as adults.
    Room Capacity:
    1. Up to 2 adults (No Extra bed can be accommodated in the room)
    2. Up to 2 children aged 3-12 can accompany adults by using the existing beds.

Article 2.
The purpose of rental and the contractual bans

  • The purpose of using the leased room is limited to being the resident, however. The actions listed below are prohibited.
    1. The lessee may not sublease the leased room.
    2. Persons, other than those registered with the lessee, may not stay in the room.
    3. The lessee may not smoke or keep animals in the room.
    4. The lessee may not make any renovations to the leased room including holes with pins, thumbtacks or nails in the wall.
    5. The lessee may not make noise, cause the neighbours trouble, or engage in disorderly conduct.

Article 3.
The terms of agreement and the terms of stay

  • This agreement is terminated at the expiry of the term. The lessee may not renew the contract or extend the term. However, when both the lender and the lessee make an agreement, the lessee may renew the contract.
  • The lessee can decide the length of the stay during the term of the agreement.

Article 4.
Partial prepayment

  • In order to complete the reservation, the lessee need to make a partial prepayment 100,000 yen by credit card 90 days prior to the contract start date. When the lessee cancels the reservation for his own reasons, the partial prepayment will not be repaid according to our cancellation policy.

Article 5.
Reservation cancellation policy

  • If the reservation is cancelled 90 days before the contract start-date:
    There will be no cancellation fee.
  • If the reservation is cancelled between 60 to 90 days before the contract start-date:
    The 100,000 yen partial prepayment will not be repaid. However, the balance of the rental fee will not be charged.
  • If the reservation is cancelled less than 60 days before the contract start-date (including no-show):
    The 100,000 yen partial prepayment will not be repaid, and also the balance of the rental fee will be charged.

Article 6.
Rental fee

  • On the check-in day the lessee must pay the remainder of the rental fee in cash or by credit card.
  • The rent for the 2nd month and all the following months will be paid by the end of each month.
  • If the term of stay is less than one month, the rent will not be calculated on a pro-rated basis.

Article 7.
Expenditures included in the rental fee

  • Included are the usage fee for the room and the furniture, utilities, the Internet connection, TV, all taxes, and the Comfort Service Fee (the rental fee for bedding and the room cleaning service twice a week).
    * If the electric utility is over 800kWh, a so-called waste, the lessee will be charged for the extra.
    * The lender is released from compensation for any problems the lessee causes through the Internet usage.

Article 8.
Expenditures not included in the rental fee

  • Not included in the rent are expenditures for using the room telephone for outside call, and rental fees for a toaster-oven, rice cooker and humidifier. These costs will be charged at your check-out.
  • Monthly parking lot is ¥20, 000 per month, which is paid at the check-in. JIJUDEN is not responsible for any problems such as accidents, damage to the car or burglary inside the parking lot.

Article 9.

  • On the move-in day the lessee is required to show his credit card, a copy of which will be kept as collateral for any unpaid rent, for any damage to the rental room or the furniture and household goods, or for the loss of any items.

Article 10.
Maintenance of the rental room

  • In the case where maintenance is necessary to the rental room and its furniture and household goods, the lender is required to carry it out.
  • During the contract term the lessee is required to clean the rental room regularly and to take care of the furniture and other household goods.

Article 11.

  • The lessee is required to give at least one week’s notice to the lender before moving in or moving out so the lender can complete any necessary arrangements such as checking the room, receiving the key, checking for outstanding charges.
  • In the case of an absence from the rental room for two days or more because of travel or other reasons, the lessee is required to notify the lender beforehand.
  • In the case of losing the key-card of the room, the lessee is required to notify the lender immediately. In this case, the lessee will be charged \3,000 per card for a reissue.

Article 12.
Leave and restoration to original state

  • The lessee must leave the room by the end of the term after restoring it to the original state.
  • In the case of the cancellation of the contract through any violation or the terms of the agreement, the lessee must leave the room immediately.
  • If the lessee damages the room or loses any household goods, he must pay for the loss and damages.

Article 13.
Disposition of lost articles

  • If the lessee leaves some belongings behind after leaving the room, the lender has sole discretion on disposition, and the lessee cannot voice opposition to the lender.

Article 14.
Termination of the contract

  • In case of three months or less contract, the lessee may not terminate the contract. In case of four months or more contract, the lessee may terminate the contract by giving at least 60 days prior written notice to the lender.
  • The claims below are subject to the lender’s sole right and discretion for determining their validity.
    1. When the lessee never reply to lender's contact before move-in.
    2. The lessee violates the rental purposes and any prohibitions, according to Article 2.
    3. The room rent is unpaid by the due date and even after a reminder notice from the lender.
    4. Where any statement made by the lessee on the application proves to be false.

Article 15.
On-site inspection in an emergency

  • The lender has sole discretion to enter the rental room in an emergency, such as a fire, without the lessee’s acceptance in advance, but the lender must notify the lessee as soon as possible after the fact.

Article 16.
The unexpected termination of contract

  • When it becomes impossible to make normal use of the room due to earthquake, fire or any reason attributed to neither the lender nor the lessee, this agreement is terminated and neither the lender nor the lessee may charge each other.

Article 17.
Mutual consultation

  • In the event of trouble between the lender and the lessee during the term of the contract, both must take moral responsibility to solve it according to the applicable laws and regulations of Japan.

Article 18.
Modification of the agreement

  • The contents of this agreement can be modified without any notice. The latest date on which the content is modified is shown at the end of this page. Notice of any modifications will not be sent to anyone individually, so you are encouraged to download this agreement in PDF form as it is now and print it out.
September 18, 2018

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