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From the Airport
From Kyoto Station
Kansai International Airport
From Kansai International Airport
There are three ways to get to Kyoto Station from Kansai International Airport.
JR West Airport Express HARUKA

Kansai International Airport >> Kyoto Station
Fare: Non-reserved seats ¥2,850/adult (Reserved seats ¥3,170/adult)
Required time & Frequency of service: Approx. 75 minutes (Every hour)
Departure platform: KIX Sta. JR line platform (Blue ticket gates)
For more details: https://www.westjr.co.jp/global/en/travel-information/timetable/
Complement: Search your train at above page using "Kansai-airport" and "Kyoto". You can take a taxi or city bus at the North gate(Chuo-guchi) of Kyoto station.

Airport Express HARUKA
Osaka Airport Limousine Bus

Kansai International Airport >> Kyoto Station
Fare: ¥2,550 /adult
Required time & Frequency of service: Approx. 88 minutes (Every 30 minutes)
Departure platform: Bus stop No.8 located outside the 1st floor of Terminal1 Building.
For more details: http://www.okkbus.co.jp/en/timetable/kix/t_kyt.html
Complement: The terminal at Kyoto Station is located near the South gate, and it's not close to the city bus terminal near the North gate, so we recommend you to take a taxi from there.

Airport Shuttle
Airport Shuttles (Shared Ride Taxi)

Kansai International Airport >>JIJUDEN (Through service)
Fare: ¥3,500 /adult (Including one piece of luggage. Additional luggage is ¥1,000/suitcase.)
Required time & Frequency of service: Approx. 2 and a half hour (Unfixed)
For more details: (1) MK Skygateshuttle (2) Yasaka Kansai Airport Shuttle
Complement: There are two taxi companies which offer Airport Shuttle service. They will take you and your luggage to JIJUDEN without any transfers. However, it takes a long time than the other ways and you might feel a little tight while on the move.

Airport Shuttle
Mobile Phone Rental Service for Travelers

You can pick a mobile phone up at the airport with advance reservation. There are several companies which is providing this service.

» Telecom Square : http://www.telecomsquare.co.jp/inbound/en/
» PUPURU: http://www.pupuru.com/en/
» Rentafone Japan : http://www.rentafonejapan.com/

Mobile Phone Rental Service
Vicinity Map Around JIJUDEN

html Vicinity Map for Print (HTML)
pdf Vicinity Map for Print (PDF Download)

map around JIJUDEN
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